8 Things we do better...

“Clients choose us because we offer more of what they value most: Time, peace of mind, full project pricing and accountability.”

1. We start with a free, no obligation meeting...

Ready to renovate? Build? Great... It’s time to sit down and have a coffee. We will talk about what you re hoping to accomplish, your goals, your expectations, and your vision. We won’t charge you for this service, and we will provide some great insight on layout and design, too.

2. We build you a highly detailed budget - and give you a copy.

A professional real estate appraiser (who looks at construction budgets every day) recently called our budget: “The most detailed I have ever seen!” Most builders will tell you what you want to hear... and increase the price later. Our approach has always been to lay out the costs up front. We strive to ensure there are no surprises.

3. Social Media. Game changer. Our video blog has been HUGE.

It shows what kind of care we put in to each step of the process – which is helpful to anyone interested in either hiring us – or just wanting to see what we do every day. We have even had a client approach us to build while he is overseas… just because he knows he will be able to watch his home’s progress every day. http://www.youtube.com/barstowconstruction

4. We recycle + build green. Here’s video proof!

Everyone says it - we do it. We make a HUGE effort to build GREEN. We recycle EVERYTHING we can get our hands on – and use recycled materials as we build – from re-purposed sand and gravel through to recycling every cardboard box that our trades produce – and there are LOTS of them. Check out a video of our recycling practices HERE --> https://www.youtube.com/watch/barstow_green

5. 25 years of dealing with City Hall.

After 20 years experience in Real Estate, re-zoning, subdivision, and construction, we are intimately familiar with the workings - and employees of City Hall. We know who to deal with, what to ask for, and how to ask.

6. We finish our projects on time, and run our sites efficiently.

It’s not that we rush through things.. instead, we are better organized, and are able to pre arrange our trades weeks (even months) in advance. The ability to manage, and run a site efficiently and quickly keeps our clients construction budgets in check and our schedules in line.

7. We are a registered, professional, full time licenced builder.

We provide a 10 year warranty. We are a limited company, registered with BC’s homeowners protection office. Choose us, and you are covered for 10 years. We work with Travelers Insurance for our warranty coverage. Check them out at www.travelersguarantee.com

8. It’s not just the construction - it’s the design, too.

How do you fit 4 bedrooms, a games room, a flexible “great room” style living area into a small renovation? We can show you how. Better than anyone else - AND - we have interior design covered too! Susan Barstow will work with you to put together an entire design package, including product sourcing, for your new home. 

Every great project starts with a simple conversation...