We look forward to meeting you. 


We are family… 

We understand what it means to design a home to suit your families needs

Evenings spent by the fire... Holidays around the table… Growing families… A grand home or a simple cabin.

Whatever your wishes, you’ve probably spent years planning, saving and researching. At Barstow Construction, we are devoted to helping you manifest your dream.

We are a small, family run boutique residential design + build firm. We are focused on creating thoughtful and unique architecture. We create homes devoted to a modern lifestyle while being mindful of history and tradition.

Our passion for architecture, eagerness to listen, and attention to detail are evident in our designs, as well as the way in which we interact with our clients. Whether you imagine a kitchen remodel, a new home, or a large country estate, we bring the same passion for design to every project to help create a unique solution for your home and help you realize your dreams.

Having the home you’ve always wanted begins with talented listeners, passionate designers and a team who takes the time to oversee expectations, budget and outcomes throughout the entire design and construction process.

We are grateful for the opportunity to translate your fondest hopes into reality.

“The Design + Build of a clients dream home is a privilege that we, as a family, take much joy and pride in."

Russ and Susan Barstow
Custom Home Builders


We have a better way to build your dream home...

Barstow Construction is built differently.

We looked at the traditional home construction model and thought “we can do better.”

Our solution..? We handle the entire process from beginning to end. We start with a blank piece of paper and your ideas…

And we don’t stop until the concept is perfect.

This fluid, free-flowing design process is a fun, exciting, sky’s-the-limit collaboration with our clients. When a client has an idea, we can sketch it quickly and it immediately becomes a working part of the creative process. The more ideas, the more sketches, the closer we are to creating your perfect home.

Our goal?
A BETTER client experience...

We're committed to reducing stress and risk by streamlining the home-building process. We are transparent about pricing, constantly communicate with our homeowners, and provide a quality team of crafstmen who are here for you every step of the way.

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What is Design + Build..?

"Our Design + Build process is faster, easier, more efficient and consitantly produces a better result than traditional contruction methods. We find that our collaborative approach ultimately delivers a home that is far closer to the one you are dreaming of." 

We're constantly perfecting our concept of how to build beautiful homes with spacious lines, soaring ceilings, and walls of glass that seamlessly connect interiors to the outdoors. This design thinking also applies to building better homes for you and the environment.


The traditional approach to building a home is SLOW and EXPENSIVE…

Typically, building a house starts with an expensive meeting with an architect who may - or may not have time for you… Next, you pay for and receive a full set of blueprints that you revise over the next several months, costs associated with each revision. (Many clients just accept one of the first few revisions to keep the cost down). As this is happening, you need to hire a builder who may — or may not — understand what the architect is envisioning with your home. Next, an interior designer gets involved, and puts their own spin on your home, with tiles, colours, materials and layout changes that need to be sourced and executed.

By the time you are ready to build, you have 3 - 4 different opinions working for you - billing you hourly. Ugh.

Our approach is different. Its collabrative. We take advantage of modern technology to help us communicate easier and faster with you. And in the end, we produce amazing results… 

Our Design + Build service takes care of your entire project.

Our first job is to understand exactly what you home to achieve with your project… From your absolute “must have’s” through to your “wish list…” We start with a blank piece of paper, and we listen…

We use the latest technology - iPad PRO’s and Apple Pencil to sketch your initial concepts, and layout your spaces… We can move walls, tweak room sizing and flip layouts around without paying an architect for the pleasure! Quickly and efficiently, our plans “back and forth” through our online collaboration area.

Wondering how your plan is progressing? Just login to our website or open our app on your iPhone and look at the latest update, share your thoughts and upload pictures you are loving.

We will build in green standards, incorporate high end materials, eco-friendly products, and low flow bath and kitchen fixtures. Smart, efficient details extend beyond what you can see to elements like expert thermal insulation that provides energy savings and reduces noise levels.

And we DO NOT STOP until your plan is PERFECT. With all of us on the same page, we will produce a final plan - ready for submission to City Hall in LESS TIME and for LESS MONEY than the traditional approach. 

Every great project starts with a simple conversation...