What we do...

“Instead of asking you how many bedrooms you want to build, we start by asking you to close your eyes and really think about how you want to live..."

- Russ Barstow

Let’s start with a coffee...

Let’s have a coffee, and talk about your ideas. Are you thinking about Building a new home? Renovating your exsisting space? Great... It’s time to sit down and have a coffee. We will talk about what you re hoping to accomplish, your goals, your expectations, and your vision. We won’t charge you for this service, and we will provide some great insight on layout and design, too.

During our talk, we will ask questions, and really LISTEN to how you answer. What are you hoping to accomplish? Do you require lots of living space? Entertaining? More bedrooms? A large kitchen? We will talk about how your space be used, and who will be using it, and what your priorities are. It’s also key to determine what you envision the end product to look like.

Building your budget and sharing ideas...

Next, we will help you design your dream home using an “Idea Book.” Basically, this is an overview of your styles and tastes. Dig around the internet, and print pictures, features and concepts you like. Bookmark websites. Use magazines and books to find more images. Sketching your ideas is also a great way to communicate your vision. Your goal is to build the ultimate “idea book” of your perfect home... We will use this invaluable tool all the way through the process!

Review your detailed construction budget

Once we have built a preliminary budget for your project, we will meet to review the numbers. We promise that the numbers on our budget will be accurate and based on reality — instead of underpricing to get the job… we prefer to tell you the truth up front. We will also give you our honest assessment of the project. If the numbers look good, and you like what you see, it’s time to reserve a build timeframe and sign the paperwork!

It’s time to start sketching your plans

Now it’s time to turn your “home specs” and your “idea book” into a workable plan. We will provide lots of ideas and suggestions on design, layout and floor plan. This is a fun meeting, as you start to see your future home take shape. We will also go over a preliminary budget we have built for you, and give you our honest assessment of the project.

Finalise your plans and budget

Before this meeting, you will likely require a survey that our architect can use to learn exactly what we can - and can not do with your property. This is where we put all of your ideas and concepts on to paper, along with our architect.

We will all work together, using our 20 years of experience in house design. We will “back and forth” sketches of your floor plan until you are absolutely satisfied. The result will be a set of drawings that we will use to apply for construction permits at City Hall.

When plans change, we know how to adapt. Our goal is always minimum disruption to you and your family. That's why so many of our clients return, job after job, and invite us back into their homes.

Secure building permits and call bids...

Now its time for us to get to work! We will assist you in obtaining your permits (or apply on your behalf). We willarrange a build schedule, and prepare your existing house or lot for the build. We will also start calling for bids - we like to secure at least two bids for every job as we build.

Quick and efficient construction

We handle all aspects of the construction process. We will call city inspections, make sure that trades arrive ontime, and on budget. We will use our highly organized and detailed construction schedule to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget, safe, green and exceeding the standards of the BC Building code.

Final occupancy, new home warranty and KEYS!

After your new home is complete, you will find that our follow-up and warranty services are second to none. We are always available to discuss any aspect of your new home and will quickly respond to matters concerning warranty. Our warranty program will surpass the requirements set out by The Homeowner Protection office.

Ready to get started..? Send us an email or give us a call!

“We pride ourselves in being incredibly easy to talk to… If you’ve ever dreamed about designing your own unique, custom home, we should talk."

- Russ Barstow