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Free flowing ideas, shared in real time, with our clients end goals in mind. We create homes that stand out amongst a sea of “spec” houses. Our process is faster, more effecient and ultimately produces a better end result.

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Russ Barstow

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"As a Builder and Architectural Designer, I feel that we are better able to understand and execute our clients wishes better than most… with the perfect balance of design and function. 

If you are considering a new build, we need to talk…"

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Russ Barstow

Russ Barstow is a custom home builder, architectural designer, and developer of high-end homes in Steveston BC.

Bringing a singular vision all his own, Russ works to capture the imagination of a new generation while renewing an interest in functional, clean and classic architecture.

Weather you are driving by or living within one of his homes, your experience transcends the everyday. Russ strives to creat timeless masterpieces that reflect the elements of good design, and match the homeowners tase and requirements.

A perpetual student of architecture and design, Russ looks to push architecture forward while understanding and improving upon the past.


“We pride ourselves in being incredibly easy to talk to… If you’ve ever dreamed about designing your own unique, custom home, we should talk."

Barstow Construction offers full-service design, in house. We have over 15 years experience with expertise in residential homes and commercial projects. Our talented and highly skilled team brings a full range of services to you - our client. 

We begin by LISTENING... Carefully. The process is organic, allowing for the functional requirements to be expressed within an artistic form. Our homes reflect a public mood for comfort and tradition without the cold and austere qualities found in much of today’s architectural mainstream.

We cherish our trades. They are truly artisans, who share our values and, more importantly, help us to create the most distinctive homes possible.

-  STEP 1  -

Initial concept meeting and sketching your ideas… 

Much like our interior design process, our architectural design consulting process will begin with an initial meeting. Our initial meeting will cover:

- Review the most important reasons your are building. 
- Review our “10 Questions on what you need in your new home”
- Review how your new home should be positioned on your lot in relation to sun, trees, shadow and sightlines. 
- Start sketch work on the “heart of the home” with basic layout ideas including indoor / outdoor living

After our initial meeting, we will enter you into our Project Management system, where we will begin to collaborate on all the details of your home. All files, images and discussions are handles in our Project “Basecamp.” Here we will be able to: 

- Collaborate on main floor layout with digital sketches
- Collaborate on upper floor layout with digital sketches
- Collaborate on exterior elevations with digital sketches, pitures and overlays
- 2D elevation sketches
- 2D landscape sketches
- 3D elevations and fly thru of the home
- Finishing details (wondow grids, siding materials, doors, roofing, exterior colours) 
- Finish landscape and Hard surfaces details
- Digital prints converted to hard copy blueprints for cleint approval


-  STEP 2  -

Structural Engineering

Once your blueprints are approved - with 100% satisfaction - only then do we move ahead to structural engineering. 
Our structural Engineer will layout your beam schedule, your floor and roof joisting layouts, and specify foundation and framing point loads, soil loads and specify site prep, foundation preperation, shear wall data, roof truss engineering and earhquake hold down details.
Once our plans are through engineering, we are ready for submission for build permit.  

-  STEP 3  -

Plans ready for development permit application

This is where the “BUILD PHASE” of our services kicks in. Barstow Construction can submit plans to the city on your behalf, fill out all permit application details and assist with all demolition and recycling paperwork that is required. 

Once your plans are approved, we will have your site prepared and ready to build! 

The process is intense - but - rest assured… we are experts in dealing with the ins and outs of city hall.

READY TO START THE PROCESS…? Why not start a conversation with us. Let's sit down, have a coffee and answer all of your questions. 

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