From a simple bathroom renovation to a multifamily project...

Barstow Construction has the skills, the trades and labour to get your project done
to the highest standard, running tight to schedule. 

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Single Family Custom Homes

We design + build your perfect home

This is our favourite thing to do. Our company was built to help clients design and successfully build GREAT homes.
Let's start with a blank sketchbook and your ideas… We are experts and listening to what our clients really NEED from a home. 
Already have a plan? Great! We can do that too. 
You will simply love the experience - and its starts with a simple, free, no obligation meeting to chat about your ideas. 
We promise honest, straightforward advice, and good answers to all of your questions. 

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From a simple bathroom update to a full house redesign, lift and addition… We have you covered

As a custom homebuilder, we bring a lot to the table when it comes to a renovation. We are not simply a “renovation contractor.” We are a licenced new home builder.

Because we have numerous active sites under construction, we have access to all of our high end trades. These crews work for us on a regular basis, and when we ask them to drop in and help us with a renovation, they are happy to dive right in. 

This means great pricing, no delays and a project that runs ON SCHEDULE. We also have high end tools and machinery to use on your home…. as well as access to surveyors and engineers that would oitherwise not touch a small addition. 

And finally - we bring our full arsenal of design to your project. We can help you layout your new space, draft the plans and submit them for approval for you. 

Ready to Renovate? It all starts with a simple, free, no obligation meeting. 

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Multifamily Projects

Project design, construction management & full warranty support

Are you a developer or a land owner wondering what you can do with your property to maximise its value? 

From land assembly and rezoning through to consulting with city planners… Barstow Construction has years of experiance delivering projects ON TIME for our clients. 

Site layout, site design, on and offsite civil services, roads, utilities and tree work. All of these are areas that we can save you money and time. 

Construction of your project
We offer a monthly site management program that oversees all aspects of your build. We handle everything from product sourcing to client walk throughs. With 18 years experience in Real Estate, we KNOW what sells. 

Raady to chat about your next development? 

Architectural Design

We can help you realise your dream home, and provide you with a full set of structural and architectural plans to build it. 

Do you like our ideas, but arent building in the lower mainland? Lets chat! 

We offer a full design consultation service that starts with a blank ipad PRO and your ideas. 

We will look at your property and how the sun, trees, and surroundings will affect your new home, and design with this in mind. 

Need a passive home? Net Zero? We can help. 
We work digitally and collaborate via our client portal - so its easy and quick to tweak your drawings. 

Once your floorplans are ready, we move to the exteriors, and work to create your perfect home. Once your plans are ready, we go to bluprints for your final approval. Next we can send these to our structural engineer and have them ready for submission to your cities building permit department. 

Ready to start designing your next home? It starts with a simple email to us to get the ball rolling. 

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Interior Design work

We can consult on your design

We offer a full range of design services… If you are building a new home and require a designer, why not chat with us! 

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Every great project starts with a simple conversation...