We believe that building your home should be an easy and rewarding collaboration from start to finish. So we've developed a simple, modern build process which sets us apart from outdated, expensive traditional construction.

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From a simple bathroom renovation to a multifamily project… Susan has the eye to bring your home to the highest standard

Barstow Design Services offers complete and comprehensive interior services, including design development, space planning, furnishing and fixture selection, construction administration and installation.

Our company prides itself on its relationships with our clients, local vendors and suppliers, artists and craftspeople.

Our design philosophy is to meet client’s needs and exceed their expectations by delivering site-specific, high-quality design that is both globally and regionally inspired. As a small company, we are truly committed to a sustainable approach to interior design that harmoniously blends our client’s tastes while showcasing the architecture and reflecting the stunning natural setting of Vancouver, BC.

Susan Barstow spent her childhood split between New York City and Copenhagen Denmark. Her design taste and inspiration are pulled from east coast chic and Danish minimalism. 

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the design

It seems so easy… Just pick a few colours… some tiles… 

It’s easy to know what style and colours you like when you see them - but it is a far more difficult task to take these colours and styles and provide exact examples to hand over to painters, tile setters, flooring installers, and cabinet designers.

That’s where we come in...
After our time together, we will have a very clear idea of what your home will look like - plus a full, detailed specification sheet of materials and samples that will be our roadmap to finishing your home perfectly. 

-  STEP 1  -

Initial Concept Meeting

Much like our home design process, our interior design consulting process will begin with an initial meeting. Our initial meeting will cover:

- Review the theme and style of your new space
- Review existing plans or proposed drawings with client
- Budget, timeline, and construction schedule
- Your design taste… Classic, modern, or somewhere in between
- Your colour palate… what inspires you?
- Your preferences in surfaces (floors, walls, counters etc)
- Start on or review your “Idea Book” 

-  STEP 2  -

Development and Collaboration

After our initial meeting, we will enter you into our Project Management system, where we will begin to collaborate on all the details of your home. All files, images and discussions are handles in our Project “Basecamp.” Here we will be able to:

Gather samples and selections to compliment your project
- Upload pictures, images and ideas to our system for your comments and feedback
- Collaborate on your HOUZZ idea book
- Collaborate via our project management, reviewing our suggestions and comments.
- We really want to gather a clear vision of your home, so communication is key.

-  STEP 3  -

Concept Presentation Meeting

This presentation is visual, including many swatches, and preliminary selections for architectural finishes and fixtures. Once the concept is approved, we create detailed specifications for client review and all of our trades.

Once your concept selections have been reviewed, revised and finalized, we produce all the working documents and schedules required to build and finish your home.

Often there are several revisions at this stage… We will continue revising and tweaking your design until you are thrilled with the look and concept of your new space!

- Design Work is now considered complete
- Product Sourcing begins

-  STEP 4  -

Product sourcing

Once your design is approved, you are free to source your materials and ensure that everything is delivered to the job site in a timely fashion as required by all of our trades…
If you prefer, (as most of our clients do) we can handle the product sourcing and delivery on your behalf!
We have a long list of suppliers and distributors who we work with that provide deep discounts and in many cases wholesale cost to Barstow Construction. We also work with boutique designers, and suppliers, who provide items that aren’t available to the general public — from custom chandeliers to crystal door sets we import from Italy.
We charge on an hourly basis to source and deliver products - but our clients find that our discounted rates typically offset the cost of this job.

We can assist with:

- Suggestion of suppliers and manufacturers that offer us special discounts, and wholesale pricing
- Sourcing materials, fixtures and paint
- Obtaining quotes and pricing from suppliers or vendors
- Regular scheduled site visits as required
- Assistance with purchase and delivery of materials at our preferred rate
- Consulting during construction process
- Finishing elements such as staging, furniture, accessories
- Final photography session prior to move in
- Personal shopping for furniture, artwork, floor coverings, and all design related items

*Product sourcing is charged at an hourly rate. We are extremely fair and careful how we spend our time during this process, and will always keep you up to date on how much time we have spent. 

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"People are always suprised with how much design work we can do within their budget.

If you are thinking about creating a new space, we really need to talk…”

Susan Barstow
Barstow Interior Design

Every great project starts with a simple conversation…