We are completely different form any other builder you may meet… We are hands on, personal and collaborative - from start to finish. Working directly with us means no delegation, no delays and a more cost effective process. You simply will not find a better way to get EXACTLY the home you are envisioning.

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Let’s have a coffee, and talk about your ideas.

Are you thinking about building a new home? Renovating your exsisting space? Great... It’s time to sit down and have a coffee. We will talk about what you’re hoping to accomplish, your goals, your expectations, and your vision. We won’t charge you for this service, and we will provide some great insight on layout and design, too.

During our talk, we will ask questions, and really LISTEN to how you answer. What are you hoping to accomplish? Do you require lots of living space? Entertaining? More bedrooms? A large kitchen? We will talk about how your space be used, and who will be using it, and what your priorities are. It’s also key to determine what you envision the end product to look like.

At the end of this meeting, you will have a clear idea of how to approach your project, along with dozens of extra suggestions you would likely have never considered. 

"One meeting with us will totally change how you approach your construction project…"


Let’s make a “dream home” list and check it twice… We take these ideas, and combine them with our design advice, and provide you a clear view of what best suits your needs… We provide ideas you WILL NOT FIND elsewhere. 


The most common question we get is “how much will it cost..?” First, let’s review your ideas and plans. Next, we will build a detailed project budget and spreadsheet - giving you a REAL, HONEST idea of your project will cost.


Once we determine the scope of your project, we will build you a detailed timeline and gantt chart outlining the process for your project. We promise to give you a realistic estimate of your build timeline at our first meeting.

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Step 2: BUDGET

A total project budget, with no suprises.

We know that building a home is a big financial decision. That is why we provide full transparency on the total cost of building. Our budgets are based on the most recent construction and material costing in our current market.

Once we have built a preliminary budget for your project, we will meet to review the numbers, and give you our honest assessment of the project.

We promise that the numbers on our budget will be accurate and based on reality — instead of just underpricing to get the job. We prefer to tell you the truth up front using current numbers from recent builds. We will also give you our honest assessment of the project.

If the numbers look good, and you like what you see, it’s time to reserve a build timeframe and sign the paperwork.

"We start with a detailed cost estimate so that there are no surprises along the way. Every faucet, every shingle, every beam is considered and valued…”

Every great project starts with a simple conversation...

Step 3:

Barstow%20Construction%20|%20Custom%20Home%20Builder 6Barstow%20Construction%20|%20Custom%20Home%20Builder 6

We start with a blank piece of paper and your ideas… And we make it fun.

As a design + build firm, we handle the entire process from conception to completion… We start by pulling together all of the information we can from your wish list and “idea book.” Next, we begin to lay out a workable plan. You will see that we don’t work from a “stock” plan book - or wait for an architect to draw a full set of bluprints… Instead we move quickly to sketching out your kitchen, dining room, outdoor living area, and working on ways to take full advantage of the natural light in your location.

Becuse we keep design in house, we benefit from lower costs and a more efficient, streamlined path to your final plans. It’s a process that traditionally takes months… Not with us. 

Log in to our website - or even your iPhone and see your plans take shape online… We upload our latest sketches, exchange ideas, explore possibilities and collaborate on a plan that everyone's excited about. Using hand-drawn sketches, we quickly establish a visual dialogue with our clients as we work towards achieving a common vision. Sketches begin as simple diagrams and quick "napkin" drawings, increasing in intricacy with every round.

Next we hand our sketches over to our architectural designer, along with the property survey, zoning information and regulations for your property. Our initial sketches are quickly turned into rough “high pass” plans… and returned to us electronically.

We are now able to use an iPad PRO and sketch changes directly on the electronic plans… We can tweak and change layout, move walls… and look at how windows and glass will effect the natural light in your space. As we progress and share ideas, you start to see your future home take shape.

We will all work together, and using our 20+ years of experience in home design, we will “back and forth” sketches of your floor plan until you are absolutely satisfied. The end result is a full set of blueprints, delivered to our printer automatically, ready for application for your construction permits at City Hall.

Our process is different. But it works… very well. You simply will not find a better way to get EXACTLY the home you are envisioning in your dreams. We can help you design and build that perfect space - completely custom tailored to you — a perfect fit — like the finest Saville Row suit. 

We can design & build ANYTHING… from solar powered, contemporary smart homes to a period correct Vancouver Heritage Crafstman

Every great project starts with a simple conversation...

Barstow%20Construction%20|%20Custom%20Home%20Builder 2Barstow%20Construction%20|%20Custom%20Home%20Builder 7DSC_0983 EDITDSC_0950 editBarstow%20Construction%20|%20Custom%20Home%20Builder 4DSC_0652 edit-Edit

We will “Back and Forth” sketches and share ideas quickly… Our fees are roughly HALF of what a traditional architect would charge - and better suited to our clients tastes and needs… 
You simply will not find a better way to get EXACTLY the home you are envisioning.

Custom Home Builder
Russ Barstow


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From the start of our project, we focus on recyclng as much waste as possible. We are now able to offer clients a fully recycled home - with the home being deconstructed and seperated. As we build, we keep a bin on site that offers 90% recycling of all site waste. 

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We have a specific recipe for our foundation soils that we use to drastically reduce settling in our homes. Our framing crews work on tables, and use advanced techniques to pre-fab walls and panels prior to standing. 

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Russ Barstow started as a trade… and he knows what to look for in every trade we hire. Our worksites are happy, efficient and loaded with incredibly skilled craftsmen who love what they do. From Plumbing to Gas fitting and Electrical… you will love our trades!

We're constantly researching the latest building technology and beyond. Smart home technology is advancing incredibly quickly… Barstow Construction started hardwiring and coding our homes 15 years ago, and we have now evolved to completely wireless systems. We refer to stay ahead of “what’s next” in construction - and future proof all of our homes.

We provide best-in-class products, and partner with high-end tech brands to incorporate the latest upgrades for every room of your house… LED lighting technology, solar power, passive house techniques, wireless speakers, and fully recycling our waste from every jobsite. 


We handle all aspects of the construction process. We will call city inspections, make sure that trades arrive on time, and stay on budget.

We will use our highly organized and detailed construction schedule to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget, safe, green and exceeding the standards of the BC Building code.

When plans change, we know how to adapt. Our goal is always minimum disruption to you and your family. That's why so many of our clients return, job after job, and invite us back into their homes.

What’s happening on my build? 

… just log in to our app

Wondering what is happening on your project?
Just click the app on your phone, or log in through our website. We regularly update all of our projects with photos and comments.
Communicate with our team, ask questions or post your own comments. All of your important decisions are kept in one place - along with a current build schedule to keep you up to date.

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Pictures & updates from the job site...

We reguilarily post jobsite updates - with pictures - as well as comments on your build as we progress… On a regular build it is not common for us to post over 500 updates. 

Collaborate with everyone - in one place!

Questions for us? Easily text message our team, and ask a question right here. The entire family is welcome to log in and chat. 

Your project schedule - posted here...

We will post a gantt chart of your build here also. This allows you to look ahead and be sure any decisions we require are handled ahead of time. 

Its all here in one easy to use space...

Make product selections - and remember all of your choice- download your invoices, view your plans and stay in touch. Our project management system is miles ahead of the competition. 

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Step 5:

We have you covered… for 10 years.


After your new home is complete, you will find that our follow-up and warranty services are second to none. We are always available to discuss any aspect of your new home and will quickly respond to matters concerning warranty. Our warranty program will surpass the requirements set out by The Homeowner Protection office.


Building another person's dream home is a privilege that we as a family take much joy and pride in. We are love our process, and the relationships we build with our clients. Taking the time to understand and collaborate with our clients is not just part of the job, but truly a pleasure for us.

When all is said and done, we strive to remain friends with many former clients, and take great pride in not only the homes that we have made, but the relationships that are also built along the way.

Every great project starts with a simple conversation…